Easy & Effective Financial Literacy for Your Clients' Families

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Certification Program workbook designed for grades 5 through 9.
Online software designed for grades 1 and up (ages 6+) with parental involvement

FamilyMint’s Money Management Certification Program combines a 60-page step-by-step workbook with a fun online money management application for kids.  Kids that complete the 2 month program develop key money habits that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

The program is designed to be used in the home, so it’s easy to provide the benefits of teaching financial literacy without requiring a lot of time.

The FamilyMint Premium application is INCLUDED with each workbook.

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The books and the application can be co-branded, offering you an easy, value-added marketing tool that people get excited about.

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"Teaching personal finance has taught me that achieving financial goals is all about action. To learn these skills at a young age helps set a solid foundation for a successful financial future. No program that I've come across does this better than FamilyMint!" - Joe K.., Financial Advisor


The award winning FamilyMint Method™ is so effective that it was named “Education Program of the Year for Children, Planning & Money Management” by the Institute for Financial Literacy


Program & Benefits:

Financial Professionals:

Key benefit – Easy and effective financial literacy for your clients' families

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  • It’s unique & needed – use to set yourself apart from the competition
  • Teachers, parents and kids love the program 
  • An unexpected but appreciated benefit for new or existing clients
  • Parents & kids like to talk about it with others 
  • Helps create relationships - use for classroom visits or community educational events
  • Compliments adult-focused financial education
  • A value-added solution that engages the whole family


Key benefit – Increase a child’s understanding, confidence, and success in managing money

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  • Runs for 2 months and ends with a certificate of accomplishment
  • Covers foundational money management concepts
  • Activities form lifelong positive money management habits
  • Includes FamilyMint Premium so children can do assignments online in an environment that simulates online banking. (normally $25/yr)
  • Workbook may be used in conjunction with online application or as a standalone
  • Parent/guardian also learns in the process while working with their child


Key benefit – Financial literacy without requiring classroom time

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  • Assigned as homework by the teacher; ties into math and economics
  • Transforms information into behavior, and behavior into habits
  • Ideal as a handout rather than piggybanks or other branded trinkets

Program in action in classrooms:

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I have a secret weapon… In six months, my kids transformed from whiney consumers into savvy little savers… And get this—they don’t expect Dad to pay... There’s no begging anymore. Just planning, earning, saving and appreciating. It’s freaking awesome!

The only mystery here is really why a marketing fan like me took so long to connect the dots and realize that Maendel Wealth should be offering FamilyMint as a value-added for our clients who have kids and grandkids in their lives (that’s most of them)…

This is an incredible value as a goodwill and prospect generator. It is one of the only marketing tools we use that people get excited about sharing with others. We’d love to be the only ones using it.
— Jim Maendel, President, Chief Investment Strategist, www.maendelwealth.com

I put the workbook out on the table in the reception area for one night and couldn’t believe the comments. People picked it up, looked at it, and asked out it. I’m amazed how many people are talking about this without me prompting them. One of them, within one minute, asked if I could come into their school.
— Frank C., Certified Financial Planner, Wealth Management Institute

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