Q: If we purchase one Money Management Certification Program workbook, will I be able to enter all of my kids into the Premium online application?

A: FamilyMint Premium will allow you to add all of your kids.  There is no limit.

Q: How many workbooks should I get?  Can my kids share one workbook?

A: The workbook is designed to be a step-by-step process that makes it really easy for you to help your kids.   The workbooks are designed to be used as one per child.

The workbooks include both Exercises and Activities.  The Exercises are short, built into the step-by-step program, and help your kids think through their money, their goals, and how to budget. The Activities are longer term and include the actual tracking of inflows and outflows, working toward goals, etc.  These Activities can be completed on worksheets included in the back of the workbook or in the online software. 

Q: Are there per-user fees for the application?

A: No.  The prices you see for FamilyMint Premium are per family.

Q: Can I switch from an existing Trial/Free/Premium account to Premium For Life?

A: Yes.  Order a copy of our Money Management Certification Program and you will receive an upgrade to FamilyMint Premium for life.  Please include your existing FamilyMint username with your order so we can upgrade your existing account.

Q: What grades is the workbook written for?

A: It's ideally suited for grades 5 & up (ages 10+) and includes activities (such as tracking all money coming in and going out) that can be completed using the online FamilyMint Premium software.

Q: What age-range is the application suitable for?

A: The application is designed for kids ages 6-14 with parental involvement.

Q: How does FamilyMint help me?

A: It's also always helpful to see what others have to say.  Check out some Testimonials.

And here's a short video on life before and after FamilyMint:

Q: Can I just sign up for your Newsletter without buying anything?

Q: Is my data safe? Are my children protected?

A: FamilyMint takes security seriously and our number one desire is to keep your kids and their information private and safe.  All of your family’s information is accessible only by you.  You will never have outsiders sending unsolicited messages to your children.

We use state-of-the-art encryption as well as security-hardened and firewall-protected servers.

Q: What concepts do I need to know to use the online application?

  • Kids log in themselves and manage their own money within FamilyMint.  From deposits, withdraws, and transfers, to working towards goals they can create themselves, FamilyMint is meant to be a place for children to learn by doing.
  • To you and your kids, this is REAL MONEY in FamilyMint.  They manage, you approve.  Every dollar in the bank is a real dollar that you owe your kids.  You are acting as their bank.
  • In essence, when they hand you cash (i.e. when they make a “Deposit”), they are giving you a loan and you are in debt to them and need to pay back that debt when they ask for it (just like your bank would for you).
  • To anyone outside your family, this is VIRTUAL MONEY.  Nobody can hack in and steal anything because FamilyMint is just a tracking system.
  • FamilyMint is… a mixture between a personal money management tool (such as Quicken) and an online bank. There is a period of time that things can be changed, and after that they are firm (like an online bank).   You can always see a complete history of what changed.

Q: Are you affiliated with franklinmint.com, themint.org, mint.com, or usmint.gov?

A: No.  The word mint means a “place where money is produced”.  Because we exist to help improve financial literacy of kids within the family setting, we think FamilyMint is a great summary of what we’re all about.

Additional Help

Most people find using FamilyMint to be intuitive and easy and never refer back to our help resources after they get started.  If you do have questions though, we have lots of additional help available.  Once you’ve signed up as a user of FamilyMint, visit support.familymint.com.