Tips about the economy, the U.S. debt, credit cards, and more


Teaching children about the state of our economy in these economically turbulent times can be challenging for parents especially when they don’t always understand the situation and terminology themselves. The following is a list of some great tips and resources that can help parents and children make sense of the economy, and also their own financial security.


  • Scholastic News offers The Economy for Kids Special Report, a collection of resources, articles, puzzles, and games that explain how the economy works and how it affects us individually.
  • explains to kids the history of the U.S. debt, how the U.S. Government borrows money, and why the U.S. Government has debt. They also provide information about income tax, sales and excise tax, corporate tax, and treasury securities.
  • The History of Money is a great article featured on, which provides a thorough overview of the history of money throughout the world.
  • has a “Money Smart Kids” column archive that contains numerous articles relevant to raising money smart kids.
  • The provides kids with facts about credit cards including the advantages and disadvantages of having them, what a credit history is, etc.
  • Watch this interesting video from about the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, also known as the Money Factory.

Teaching your children about the economy, the national debt, money management, and financial security doesn’t have to be a chore. The Internet is full of tips and resources that can help you along that path.

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