Summer Jobs for Teens & College Students


Over the past couple of months Americans have been overwhelmed by repeated outbreaks of arctic air and Punxsutawney Phil recently observed his shadow predicting six more weeks of winter. Meanwhile, teens and college students are daydreaming about summer and their break from academics, while parents are contemplating summer work programs for their teens.

Before long, employers will be seeking summer employees. Now is the time for teens and college students to begin researching jobs and submitting applications for seasonal employment. In fact, spring break is a perfect time to start looking for seasonal work. Here are some tips to help your teen or college student find a job this spring or summer.

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The earlier teens and college students begin their summer job search the better. Don’t wait until early summer as the good jobs go fast and go early. Another reason to start looking early is because some summer jobs might require special training and it’s important to allow ample time to become properly qualified.

Places to look for summer work


Retail stores, fast food locations, and restaurants. These types of jobs are often not posted anywhere. The best way to get one is to go in person. Dress neatly and make a great impression. Employers want to see how you will look to their customers.

Hotels, resorts and theme parks often need seasonal help during the tourist season and hire servers, housekeeping, grounds care, etc.

Summer camps are a great place for teenagers and college students to earn some extra crash. Check out residence and day camps, dude ranches, and lifeguard, counselor or sport coaching positions.

Construction work. Consider new construction sites, remodeling firms, etc. A quick Internet search can help you locate contractors in your area. You may be able to apply at the job site, online, or through a central office.

Staffing agencies and temp services can assist you in finding openings for hourly, professional and tech positions.

Internships. While some internships provide pay others offer college credit. Internships provide real world professional experience and skills that can be a great benefit to students when they enter the job market after graduation.

Post an ad in your neighborhood newsletter for babysitting, lawn care, pet sitting or other personal services.

Don’t forget about your friends and family. Ask them if they know of any openings. Also check with school counselors, church members, or teachers.

Put your social media to work for you by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Post that you are looking for a summer job and be specific about the type of work you are interested in doing. Also check out local business pages on Facebook and post that you’re available for summer work.

Summer jobs can build skills and look great on a resume. Employers especially appreciate having reliable teens or college students working for them during the summer months when many of their employees are on vacation. Encourage your teen or college student to get their application in early and be ahead of the many other people who want the same job. provides a fun and educational way for children, with the help of their parents, to manage money and build financial literacy. Their easy and intuitive award-winning online money management application has helped thousands of parents raise money-smart kids by teaching them about financial goal setting, and forming the types of financial habits and behaviors that will lead to financial success. Learn more at Please also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



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