Spring Break Activities for Kids

Spring break is almost upon us, and parents are diligently seeking fun and interesting activities to keep their children occupied. Here are some creative ideas that also have an educational value.

  • Visit a museum -- Elementary and middle school children love children's museums because of their interactive exhibits. Money museums are a great place for kids to go to learn about numismatic items.
  • Take a family field trip -- Check your local area for businesses that provide field trip opportunities. Some examples include: touring the local post office or fire station, visiting a dairy farm to learn how milk is pasteurized, scheduling a day trip to a horse farm or a dude ranch, or visiting a local animal farm or petting zoo.
  • Visit the library -- Check out some books that your children have wanted to read or movies they've wanted to watch. The best part? It’s free! Local bookstores (like Barnes and Noble) also offer themed story times.
  • Hands-on Crafts -- Enroll your children in a hands-on course at a local home improvement center (like Home Depot) or a craft store (like Michaels). The kids will have fun learning a new skill and will go home with a handcrafted item.
  • Take a hike through a state park or local hiking trails. Check out the Forest Service's Junior Ranger program – an exciting way for young people to explore their national forests and grasslands.
  • Take your child to work -- If you are allowed, take your child to work for the day and show them the type of tasks you do on a daily basis. April 24th is the “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2014.” The theme for 2014 is "Plant a Seed, Grow a Future."
  • Reach out to others -- Schedule a trip to a local nursing home or senior center to visit an elderly person (and perhaps make a new family friend). Be sure to call ahead and find out what their visitation policies and procedures are.
  • Take in a free concert. Check with your local philharmonic (or other venues) for a schedule of upcoming shows.
  • Learn about your ancestry -- Talk to your kids about their heritage and then visit your local genealogical society to learn more about your ancestry. You can also learn more online at familysearch.org and myheritage.com.
  • Teach your children about financial literacy -- FamilyMint can help parents and children learn about financial literacy through their easy and intuitive award-winning online money management application.

This is just a small sampling of activities that you and children can embark upon over spring break. For more ideas simply search on “Spring break activities for kids” on Google. Whatever you decide to do with your kids over spring break, remember that they are on a "break" from school and homework.  Make sure there's a "fun" element in addition to an educational one in the activities they partake in.







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