Small Town Girl Shines Through Business Professionals of America


Delaney Galligan, 14, Taos, NM was destined to be a successful member of Business Professionals of America (BPA). After all, she started attending events, fundraisers and competitions at the age of two. Honestly, she really didn’t have much of a choice—her mom was a BPA advisor, and her sister and brother were actively involved in BPA during their middle and high school years.

Delaney helped with bake sales, car washes, and other fundraisers to assist students who would be competing at the annual state leadership conference and national event. She also traveled to events with her mother and siblings. By the time Delaney entered 6th grade, she’d caught the “BPA bug”. 

Business Professionals of America is a national student-led organization where students from 22 states and Puerto Rico work together to develop professionalism and leadership, and compete in individual and team events in business, marketing and advertising.

Founded in 1966, BPA (originally called Office Education Association) is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and works to prepare students to become future business leaders and workers. BPA strives to make the future a better place by preparing students who can lead the nation to great success. Its members embrace the organization’s pledge, “We are met in a spirit of friendship as we prepare for careers in the world-class work force”.

Delaney is just one of over 34,000 6th to 12th grade students who has competed in BPA business-related events. In 6th grade, she competed in two individual events: Prepared Speech and Keyboarding Production. She placed third in Prepared Speech, which qualified her for Nationals. Additionally, she took first place in two open events: Business Fundamentals and Financial Literacy. She also ran for a state office and was elected Vice President of Membership. 


During 7th grade, Delaney competed and took first place in Financial Literacy and Website Design, and placed top ten in two open events. At Nationals she placed sixth in Financial Literacy and second in Website Design.

Delaney wrapped up her 8th grade year with state competitions in Entrepreneurship Exploration and Video Production. She placed second in Entrepreneurship Exploration, third in Video Production, and first in Business Communication. She qualified for Nationals and was again elected as a state officer.

Delaney will be attending Taos high school in the fall and looks forward to continuing her participation in BPA. She’s excited about attending the national competitions, which will be held in Boston (2016), Orlando (2017), Dallas (2018), and Anaheim (2019). 

According to Delaney, BPA has changed her life as a “small town New Mexico girl” and she believes it can also change the lives of others. BPA has given Delaney a chance to travel around her own state and the country, and experience things she never thought she would, like visiting the ocean, hailing a taxi, and riding in an airplane for the first time. She has also met new and interesting people from different states. She never would have made those connections had she not been involved in BPA.

The most important thing BPA has given to Delaney is a new mindset—one where anything is possible. She’s learned new skills and strategies that she can use in school, while traveling, and for the future. 

Parents and students interested in learning more about Business Professionals of America can do so by clicking here

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Donna May (Galligan) Lyons is a freelance writer and contributor to FamilyMint, and is the proud aunt of Delaney Galligan.  



Photo Sources:
- Delaney Galligan
Courtesy of Delaney Galligan