Seasonal Jobs for Teens and College Students


Black Friday and the holidays are right around the corner, and teens and college students are preparing for their break from academics. Many will have extra time on their hands and may be looking to earn a little extra cash. Now is the time for them to apply for seasonal jobs as many retailers have already begun the hiring process.  Seasonal jobs are generally temporary and end by mid-to-late January, but oftentimes employers will hire seasonal staff to fill permanent positions.

Here are some helpful tips for seeking seasonal work:

  • Many seasonal jobs are either in retail or the service industry (such as bars, restaurants, resorts, etc.). Seek out a job that matches your past experiences or interests. Some retail and service based jobs may come with employee discounts or other perks, which is definitely a benefit. Many retail establishments accept online applications (such as Macy’s, Target, and WalMart). Keep in mind employers may require workers to be a specific age to be hired.
  • Take a look at UPS, FedEx, and DHL. They often hire part time seasonal driver helpers and package delivery assistants.
  • Love the outdoors? Like to ski or snowboard? Check out nearby ski areas and resorts for positions such as ski instructors and patrols, hotel and restaurant staff, etc. is a great resource for these types of jobs.
  • Check out the Christmas tree vendors in your area. Many will hire teens to help customers transport trees.
  • Check with your local mall and/or photographers about holiday photo staff positions. While you’re at the mall, check into gift-wrapping services. Sometimes this is volunteer work but may also be a paid position.
  • is a great resource for downloading job applications. There are links on the right hand side of the home page for retail store jobs, fast food jobs, and department store jobs.
  • Take advantage of online search engines such as,,, and Search on keywords like “seasonal,” “holiday,” “part-time,” “temp,” “Santa’s helper,” etc.
  • Have a positive attitude when being interviewed by seasonal hiring managers and be flexible.  You need to be willing and able to work nights and weekends, as well as Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and New Year's Day as many retail and service establishments keep hours on those days.

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