Re-imagining the 3 Little Pigs

A FamilyMint Fairytail

Re-imagining the 3 Little Pigs

By Bob Masterson

Cartoon of three pigs

Once upon a time there were three little pigs who were sent off by their mother to go out and make their fortune.  Mother Pig’s final words were, “work hard, do your best; good fortune will find you, I do not jest.”

Now the first little pig wasn’t buying into this hard work advice.  “I don’t have time for all this,” said the first little pig. “I have fun things to do that I just won’t miss.”  So the first little pig built his house out of straw because "hey," it’s the easiest thing to, leaving plenty of time for play.

The second little pig wasn’t too eager to work hard either.  “I’m too tired and need my rest,” said the second little pig. “I’ll just build something easy out of sticks and save my best for after I slept a few ticks.”

The third little pig listened to his mother’s wise words and said “I don’t plan to live like the birds.  No straw nor sticks will do for me; I plan to build my house solidly.”  With his goal clearly defined and a budget in mind, the third little pig developed a plan and a timeline.  “With a little hard work and some shopping around, I’ll have my brick house to keep me safe and sound,” said the third little pig.

“Look at how hard our poor brother works,” laughed the first two little pigs.  “Every day he toils, while we nap and have fun all day in the sun.”  Through weeks of hard work, anticipation, and saving the third little pig was now ready to build.  With supplies all purchased and a nice plot of land, he built a fine brick house just like he planned.

A short time followed when along came a wolf, who loved fat, little piggies of which he could not get enough.  The first house he saw was the one built of straw.  The big bad wolf said “Hey little piggy, let me come in, or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your straw house in!”  “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!” said the first little pig.  But being a house made out of straw, it didn’t take much, before the big bad wolf had himself a delicious pork lunch.

The following day while meandering along, the wolf spied a plump little pig humming a song.   When the little pig saw the big bad wolf coming, he dashed into his stick house and stopped his happy humming.  “Hey little pig, I like your gig,” said the big bad wolf with a smile. “Why don’t you invite me in and we’ll jam awhile.”  “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!” sang the second little pig.  A huff and a puff seemed to be enough and that plump little pig soon became some tasty stuff.

Liking the town and easy pickings he found, the wolf decided to hang around.  The wolf later came to the nice house of bricks and with great confidence proclaimed, “Little pig, little pig, your brothers made it easy and so should you, now open your door, it will be over in a few.”  “You can huff and you can puff, until your blue in the face, but this is one little piggy I’m sure you won’t taste.” said the third little pig.  So the wolf huffed and he puffed and he puffed some more, but the house would not budge as did the houses before.

But being sly and determined, the big bad wolf was not one to give up easily.  "I’ll just climb up the roof and slide down the chimney,” thought the proud wolf to himself quite grimly.  But staying one step ahead, the little pig built up a roaring fire instead.  Then placing a large kettle of water on top, it wouldn’t be long before the wolf went plop.  So with a tumble, a slide, and a big KERSPLASH, the third little pig’s troubles were over in a flash.

While sitting at table enjoying his great feast, he recalled his mother’s sage advice: “Work hard, do your best, and good fortune will find you.”  The little pig proved this when put to the test.  And the little pig lived happily ever after.