Piggy Banks


Pigs are clean animals. If given sufficient space, they will be careful not to soil the area where they sleep or eat. Pigs don't “sweat like pigs”; they are actually unable to sweat. They like to bathe in water or mud to keep cool, and they actually prefer water to mud. One woman developed a shower for her pigs, and they learned to turn it on and off by themselves.

Did you know...

No one actually invented the “piggy bank”?

Piggy banks were derived from the word “pygg” which refers to a type of orange clay that was commonly used during the 15th century to make dishes and jars to hold spare change. By the time the 18th century rolled around the word “pygg” sounded the same as the word used for the animal “pig” and an unknown person shaped the “pygg” jar to look like a real “pig.” In the 19th century English potters would create banks shaped like a pig for their customers since they appealed to customers and children alike.



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