Money Folklore

Did you know...


…Interesting (and some wacky) money folklore

  • Never cut an infant’s nails until it is a twelve-month old, or it will be light-fingered and addicted to stealing.
  • To insure good fortune for your baby throughout life, be sure that his first gift is a silver coin. Place it yourself into the child’s hand. If the child drops it, s/he will have difficulty holding onto money throughout life. (Conversely, if the child grasps it tightly; s/he will be fortunate with money.) Be sure to remove the coin from the baby’s grasp and carefully save it as the baby's personal amulet.
  • If your right palm itches, you will soon be getting some money.
  • If your left palm itches, you will soon be paying out money.
  • A feather flying by you means someone will steal your money.
  • Bubbles in falling rain mean you will get a lot of money.
  • Do not spend a coin that someone gives you on New Year's day and you will have money all year.
  • If you  hang up a man's socks by the toes, money will slip through your fingers.
  • On giving a purse to anyone, be sure to put a coin in it for luck. (Some purse-makers put a piece of imitation money in the pocketbooks they sell.)
  • Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!
  • Peel an onion, burn the skin, play the lotto, sure to win!
  • Keep a dime in the heel of your shoe to prevent your enemy from putting a “spell” on you.

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