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When we hear the word entrepreneur we tend to think of college-educated, middle-aged people. Nowadays, entrepreneurs are getting younger and younger. Some haven’t even finished college. In fact, some aren’t even out of their teens! Check out 13-year-old Lizzie Marie Likness with Lizzie Marie Cuisine.

Lizzie loved to ride horses as a small child. In an effort to help pay for lessons she baked homemade goods and sold them at her local farmer’s market. With the help of her parents, Lizzie followed her passion for cooking and launched a healthy-cooking website complete with instructional videos. Her desire is to help kids eat and live healthier and discover that cooking can be fun.

Chef Lizzie Marie currently stars in the video series “Healthy Cooking with Chef Lizzie” for WebMD’s new kids’ portal FIT. Lizzie demonstrates her own healthy recipes. Lizzie also recently appeared on the Rachael Ray show as a finalist for theKindness Challenge with and USA Today. She’s also appeared on Fox News, CNN Money, The Huffington Post, Daily Candy, and Taste of Atlanta. She is a winner of a Del Monte grant for her project, “Tasty Tidbits,” which teaches adults and children how to fight obesity by “having a delicious time cooking healthy meals.”


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Have you heard about The Innovative Kids of America Project? It is a new concept designed to inspire, excite, and provide kids ages 5 through 18 with a real life opportunity to start their own business.

The Innovative Kids of America Project is a fun and educational hands-on approach to guiding kids through the steps to starting their own business, or if they already have a business concept, providing them with marketing tools and a location on busy fairgrounds to sell their wares.


The idea was created by Dianne Linderman, award-winning author of the children’s book series titled How to Become an Entrepreneurial Kid. Dianne has had an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood and was inspired by her own father’s life adventures. Dianne’s experiences motivated her to help others, particularly kids, and provide children with the opportunity to start their own businesses.

According to Dianne’s website, Innovative Kids of America, “America was built by entrepreneurs, but schools don’t teach economics and never give kids the idea that they could one day be job providers. We need to inspire our youth to get creative and innovative and have the ability to achieve their dreams and ideas!”

Dianne is motivated to bring The Innovative Kids of America Project to locations around the country. According to Dianne, “participating fairs are thrilled with The Innovative Kids of America Project because of its educational value, and who knows, they could be the launching grounds for our next leaders in business! Learning entrepreneurship at such a young age gives an advantage to kids no matter what they decide to do in their life!” CLICK HERE to view Dianne’s video from the 2013 Sacramento County Fair 2013.

America was founded by others with an entrepreneurial spirit but often times our kids are led to believe by society that their dreams and ideas won’t work. The result is that they often end up settling for something less out of their lives. According to Dianne, “America's new direction is small business. And it is never too early to inspire kids to realize the American Dream.”

Dianne provides workshops for entrepreneurial kids, has a radio program called Everything that Matters, a bookstore that offers a collection of entrepreneurial books for kids. Dianne is also available to speak on many other subjects relating to young people. She can be reached at can help spark the entrepreneurial spirit in your child by providing a fun and educational way for children, with the help of their parents, to manage money and build financial literacy. Their easy and intuitive award-winning online money management application has helped thousands of parents raise money-smart kids by teaching them about financial goal setting, and forming the types of financial habits and behaviors that will lead to financial success.

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