FamilyMint at Heritage Elementary


David Fiske, a 5th grade mathematics teacher at Heritage Elementary school in Saline, MI, and his class have completed the FamilyMint Money Management Certification program. Through the generosity of Bank of Ann Arbor, 63 program workbooks, which also include access to FamilyMint's Premium online money management application were donated to Mr. Fiske's class.

Mr. Fiske invited us into his class to hear first hand from the kids about how the experience has impacted their lives.  According to Mr. Fiske, "Real life application is important for student learning.  The FamilyMint Money Management Certification program gave my fifth grade students practical experience using a financial program which connected with the mathematic concepts that they learn in the classroom.  This program provides a financial unit that is clear and user-friendly." 


Mr. Fiske continued, "My students gained a greater knowledge of financial literacy and enjoyed the lessons in FamilyMint.  They learned to set goals for using their earnings.  They learned about interest. And among many other money concepts, my students learned about working for their money.  Almost every student reached a financial goal for an item that they wanted to purchase and they were so proud of themselves.     

Mr. Fiske went on to say, "Their parents gave an overwhelmingly positive response to the FamilyMint program as well.  Many shared that they, too, gained some new financial literacy.  And most commented on the need for a program like this to be more a part of their children's curriculum.  I highly recommend this program for later elementary students, because the lessons are so valuable.  FamilyMint enhanced my math curriculum without much extra effort or time out of daily instruction.  FamilyMint provides a program that help us educators create a generation that is more financial literate." 

FamilyMint and Bank of Ann Arbor had an awesome time meeting all the kids and listening to them as they shared what they learned.  And they were so well mannered! The ultimate goal of the FamilyMint program is to change kids' behaviors in a positive way around money. When asked who viewed money differently than before starting the program, every hand went up. More than half the kids stated in the past they would spend everything they had, but now enjoy setting goals and saving for things. 


Here are just a few quotes from the kids:

"I think money management is very helpful. It is challenging but fun. I really liked this program! My favorite part was the goals or the checks. Now I really know how to do checks, interest, balance, and save money better than I have been." --Erin

"I thought that the Money Management was fun, it encouraged me to make money by walking the dog, shoveling the snow for the neighbors, and tutoring my little sister with her homework." --Max

"My dad and me worked on the program and he seemed to like the program a lot, which is great! After working with the program and when I was ready to go buy my goals, I literally felt like I was looking at the world with new eyes!" --Brett

Parents also had a great experience and provided some wonderful feedback:

"Money Management is a fantastic program for students! It is a great way to introduce kids on how to save their money to achieve their financial goals. Erin's first goal was to save $25 and use the money to buy a soccer ball. She did it with the help of this program and is proud of it. I would recommend adopting this program for the entire 5th grade. Every student would benefit from learning about these management tools." --Erica and Jim

"Overall, I really enjoyed the program. We did exercises both on paper as well as online. She created three goals and I thought it was rather funny when she indicated that she was surprised how much things can cost! We actually spent some additional time comparing a real checkbook (her mom's) vs. the exercises as well as discussed the use of credit cards." --Megan's Dad

Thank you Mr. Fiske and the Bank of Ann Arbor for inspiring these wonderful students and helping them get started off on the right foot in becoming money-smart kids!

--The FamilyMint Team--