FamilyMint at Burns Park Elementary School


Sandy Kreger, a 5th grade elementary teacher at Burns Park Elementary school has been a long time fan of FamilyMint. She has been using the online application in her class for a couple of years to help drive positive behavior, teach goal setting and understand the basics of money management in a virtual setting. So when we at FamilyMint told Ms. Kreger about our new Money Management Certification program, she was all over it. In fact Ms. Kreger was kind enough to proof and provide feedback to the workbook long before we launched it to ensure her students would understand and enjoy it.

Needless to say, Ms. Kreger was one of the first 5th grade classes to go through and complete the program. Thanks to the generosity of Ann Arbor State Bank, 27 Certification Program workbooks, which also include access to FamilyMint's Premium online money management application were donated to Ms. Kreger’s class.

Here’s what Ms. Kreger had to say about the class’s experience with the program:

Class pic1.jpg

““I am reaching my goals," said one 5th grader in my class.”  “I’d like to earn money for charity by doing extra chores,” exclaimed another.

My students are reaching for things they normally would not have, if it weren't for FamilyMint. They now know how to fill out a check, take care of adding and subtracting from their register, and even "envelope" their money.

As a teacher, I appreciate helping students brush up on money skills and vocabulary, as well as seeing how happy they are to spend a little time with parents around goal setting and financial literacy.

I was worried about the fact that they were dealing with money, in case families couldn't swing using actual money to earn extra goals.  Because there is an option to use "fake money," it didn't pose a problem at all for my class.

The most difficult, and what seemed to be the most interesting for my 5th graders, was the idea of “interest.”  Ironically, the idea of simple and compound interest became the topic that was of most HIG H interest.  Get it? I highly recommend The Money Management Certification program for 5th grade classroom. The kids, parents and I thoroughly enjoyed the program. Thank you FamilyMint and Ann Arbor State Bank!”

-- Sandy Kreger, 5th grade teacher at Burns Park Elementary