Dining Out


Did you know...

According to a study by the online publication Grist, the citizens of Austin, Texas spend the most on dining out—about $525 a month, or more than $6,301 per year. Residents of Arlington, Virginia spend almost as much. The citizens of Detroit, Michigan spend the least amount to dine out – an average of just $871 annually, or $72 a month.

A 2010 study done by the United States Department of Labor shows that the average consumer spends $2,505 when eating food away from home.

A key aspect of money management is knowing where you are spending your money. Consider tracking your dining out expenses for a month to see how much you and your family are spending.

Looking for an app that can help you track your dining out expenses? Check out Spendings, a lightweight and easy-to-use app that lets you track and record your day to day expenses like getting coffee, eating out, etc.

Tracking your dining out (and other) expenses can help you stay within a reasonable budget, and find areas where you can make cuts in your spending. Your kids can be doing the same thing with FamilyMInt!