10 Great Financial Blogs for Millennials

According to a 2015 survey from T. Rowe Price, a more appropriate term for millennials might actually be “the Money-Conscious Generation.” Apparently, the 18- to 34-year-old set is better about tracking their spending and sticking to a budget than Baby Boomers. Here are 10 great financial blogs to help millennials increase their financial literacy, reduce their debt, and prepare for retirement.

1. Blonde on a Budget

A blog about a variety of topics within the personal finance realm including budgeting and paying down debt. It’s a great resource for millennials looking to embrace a full life, with less ‘stuff’.

2. Broke Millennial®

A blog created to increase financial literacy through personal funny financial tales and actual money lessons.

3. Budgets are Sexy

One of the best-loved personal finance bloggers in the industry — and that reaches across all age groups. His blogs reach across all age groups. His goal is to “get people to stop and *pay attention* to their money. Especially you youngin’s.”

4. Life and My Finances

Helpful tips to help save on purchases large and small, crush student loan debt, turn your finances around to allow your money to work for you, and prepare for an abundant retirement.

5. Making Sense of Cents

Winner of the 2015 Best Personal Finance Blog for Millennials by the Plutus Awards. This blog (with over 30,000 monthly readers) discusses a variety of topics from basic financial literacy, to budgeting, to saving and earning extra money.

6. Millennial Money Man

A millennial man’s personal blog about a journey to “build wealth and spread the word.” His site focuses on “anti-entitlement advice,” that helps young adults understand that just because they’re a millennial doesn’t mean they have to be poor.

7. Money Peach

Sharing ideas and creating products for people who are looking for a better way to handle their money is what this blog is all about. Learn how to go from living paycheck-to-paycheck to getting completely out of debt, and creating hope for your future.

8. You Can Afford Anything

…but not everything. What’s it gonna be?

Free, actionable, specific updates about how to build wealth and reach financial freedom. Check out this online community of people building financial independence.

9. Young Adult Money

A personal finance and lifestyle blog focused on helping people in their 20s and 30s to make more, save more, and live better. Topics include cutting expenses, student loans, traveling on a budget, earning more money, career advancement, investing, getting into real estate, and more.

10. Young Finances

A top personal finance resource for college grads and young professionals looking to get a grip on their finances, pay off debt, save up for big purchases and get started with investing.

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