Financial literacy and youth engagement with minimal effort

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Certification Program workbook designed for grades 5 through 9.
Online software designed for grades 1 and up (ages 6+) with parental involvement

FamilyMint’s Money Management Certification Program combines a 60-page step-by-step workbook with a fun online money management application for kids.  Kids that complete the program develop key money habits that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

What sets this program apart from all others is it's real world and kids are learning by doing. This hands-on program is designed to be completed in the home. Bankers and teachers love that the kids get all the benefits of learning financial literacy without requiring a lot of classroom time. 

Whether used in schools, branches or both, it's an easy to administer and cost effective youth financial literacy program.

The FamilyMint Premium online application is INCLUDED with each workbook (a $55 value).

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The books and the application can be co-branded, offering you an easy, value-added marketing tool that people are excited about.

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Wowowowowow!!! This is a well researched workbook that incorporates appropriate and solid financial concepts in a real world enjoyable way.
— Sandy Kreger – Burns Park Elementary


The award winning FamilyMint Method™ is so effective that it was named “Education Program of the Year for Children, Planning & Money Management” by the Institute for Financial Literacy -- twice.


How the program works


Key benefit – Co-branded financial literacy and youth engagement with minimal effort

  • Complete turn-key program including a step-by-step instructors guide and marketing materials
  • Branded to look like your program
  • Use during classroom visits or community educational events
  • Increase foot traffic into the branches
  • Engage with kids and their parents/grandparents
  • Make the bank cool to kids
  • Teachers, parents and kids love the program
  • Parents & kids like to talk about it with others – natural word-of-mouth
  • CRA credits possible
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Key benefit – Step-by-step financial literacy without requiring a lot of classroom time

  • Assigned as homework by the teacher; ties into math and economics
  • Use as a standalone or compliment to any other financial literacy program
  • Transforms information into behavior, and behavior into habits

Program in action in classrooms:

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Key benefit – Increase a child’s understanding, confidence, and success in managing money

  • Child receives a certificate of accomplishment for completing program
  • Covers key money management concepts reinforced through exercises and activities
  • Designed to form lifelong positive money management habits and behaviors
  • Includes FamilyMint Premium so children can do assignments online in an environment that simulates online banking. (workbook and software are a $55 value)
  • Workbook may be used in conjunction with online application or as a standalone
  • Parent/guardian also learns in the process while working with their child
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Real life application is important for student learning. The FamilyMint Money Management Certification program gave my fifth grade students practical experience using a financial program which connected with the mathematic concepts that they learn in the classroom. This program provides a financial unit that is clear and user-friendly.
— David Fiske- Heritage Elementary School

Teaching personal finance has taught me that achieving financial goals is all about action. To learn these skills at a young age helps set a solid foundation for a successful financial future. No program that I’ve come across does this better than FamilyMint!
— Joe Koss - College personal finance instructor

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